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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
hey i did 50 cases of heritage, lol - i thought it was great. (Topps QC hosed me on the first 20 cases but that's another story.)

so i just sold my first master set for $80.00. gelavi ended his listing with 8 sold and two left to go, lol. stormshadow still have 8 left for $50 and two sold. once stormshadow is out, this is poised to take off!!!
I was sitting at the airport catching up. Since everybody's so positive about the set quality I decided to pick up one of those underpriced mini master sets. Guess I got the last one, since it was 7 sold and 3 remaining when I pushed the button. I'm probably only going to pick up a box or two... Not nearly enough to complete the insert sets.

Thanks, and good luck with your breaks.

Re low prices on base sets... Don't forget the collectors that buy a bunch of product and then dump the extra base sets and other stuff they don't want.. They are just looking to sell quick while interest is high. Not making any money. Personally, I try not to undercut people for quick sales. Partly because I depend on those rip-n-flip dealers to sell me the singles I want/need and partly because I'd rather store the cards than sell them for scraps.
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