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Originally Posted by ChrisM View Post
As a follow on to richo's question - how important are dealers (case breakers) to the industry. As a collector, I obviously want to get what I want from a set at the best price possible.
Quite the loaded, but interesting question. . . and I think there are many answers. . . most of which pivot on the balance they create. . . one of the issues that is created in this environment is a flood of material on the market on day one. Generally far more product than can possibly be absorbed by the collecting community. . . this pushes prices down (especially on the most price sensitive mid-low range components of a product).

Certainly for less popular titles dealers make a huge difference, but for very popular titles the answer isn't so clear. . .

As has been stated -- ultimately the product determines the market. . . But it definitely can be impacted along the way -- both positively and negatively.

I'm still astonished at the incredibly low prices some items are sold at. . . I can understand overproduced items (and there are lots of those) winding up in the cheap bin, but I've see cards with very low print runs dumped for next to nothing. . . Like -- the Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man autos that hit the market when they came out and fell to under $100. . .
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