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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
I think we've seen enough breaks and singles on eBay to make a few observations about this product. Here are my thoughts:


1. Base cards are a real strength--art is excellent, stock is excellent, finish is excellent, and there are some fun SP variations to chase

2. Speaking of SP variations, the concept variation is an awesome idea that I hope we'll see in some other products as well. I liked the different ways the concepts were done in this more than the concept cards for GPK Chrome.

3. The medallions and patch inserts were much nicer than I expected

4. Overall quality of the sketch cards seems like a big improvement over Heritage, although I will say the upper end of the sketches we've seen so far seems about equal with the best of Heritage IMO.

5. I think the size of the base set is just about perfect. You don't get so many dupes and it makes the chase sets more challenging.

6. In terms of reviving the Mars Attacks franchise for future card sets, I think Topps did an outstanding job with this product


1. I understand the reason why, let me make that clear , but I'm not a fan of having some of the puzzles not packed together--especially if the artists did not know that ahead of time. Pulling a sketch that makes no sense without the context of the puzzle is not going to be a good experience for that buyer. If the artists make the puzzle pieces so each piece can be a standalone card, this wouldn't be as big of a deal.

2. One breaker on here had essentially two sketches that were duplicates. That's just flat-out lazy on the part of the artist and something that would really piss me off if I got one.

3. The very low end of the sketches is still pretty bad. I think I speak for most of us here when I say that Alvin fought the good fight on this and there was a big improvement from Heritage overall, but some of those "bad" sketches really hurt the product IMO. When I think about buying more of this wax, I'll admit that those weigh a bit on my decision.
Re: Con #2. In my case for Mars Attacks Heritage, Despite being a cartoonist since the 1970s I had no idea there even WERE such a thing as sketch cards, and so when I did mine, I simply didn't know any better. I just went by what I saw some of the seasoned sketch card artists doing.
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