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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
In terms of tabletop game kickstarters, 8-10 months is pretty standard turnaround time, with some as long as 14 months. Remember the main feature for this product is the game, which requires sculpted, tooled and manufactured miniatures and figurines.

Think about it this way: pay a paltry $15 now and get a nice surprise next August!
So where do these missing 5 cards fit in with the current set they were supposed to belong to, so I can make sure to leave the proper spot in the binder?

Originally Posted by ChrisM View Post
This sketch wowed me - 2013 Mars Attacks Invasion Sketch Card Eric Kanalish B | eBay
A flying saucer blowing up the statue of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio.
Not to knock that sketch, but I love I'd love to see what somebody like Ted or Gary could do with that excellent idea
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