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Default my final assessment now that i have broken ten cases

agree with andrew above.

alvin fought the good fight and if it weren't for him, i shudder to think how it would have ended up.

  • card stock
  • new story
  • medallions
  • patches
  • golds
  • autos
  • concept art


  • incredibly terrible collation (should have 8 heritage sets; i have 2)
  • way too many weak sketches - no difference at all between MAI and MAH
  • bad sketch
  • collation (almost every case had more than one of the same artist in it, and two cases had THREE)

I also wish the extra gore went beyond 10 cards to the whole set.

Ten cases is nowhere near enough to condemn my collation issues across the whole run. I do think I have seen enough sketches to comment on those, though.

I still love this release - there is so much to collect and most of it has a real collectibility feel - i can see true collectors going for the plate and medallion sets - the cards are incredible to see and hold in person. same with all the inserts.

I have had PMs from some boardies looking for specific stuff - I have hooked up a couple guys so far, so any needs just PM me - I have another ten cases to go.
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