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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
I still love this release - there is so much to collect and most of it has a real collectibility feel - i can see true collectors going for the plate and medallion sets - the cards are incredible to see and hold in person. same with all the inserts.
I do want to add that I am gratified that-- despite your disappointment with the sketches-- you were still able to really enjoy this set. I am happy to hear that it brought about a sense of fun and collectibility that's been missing for far too long in trading cards.

Regarding collation, my own experience has found that only the parallels seem uneven: the base sets seem very good (I didn't get any duplicates except for variants), the inserts like "Propaganda cards" and "Masterpieces" were fairly even across multiple boxes, and even "Early Encounters" while only getting-- what, 3 or 4 per box?-- were not too difficult to assemble.

It's the Heritage parallels that were very uneven and you seem to get lots of dupes, and it's a shame because that's really the coolest parallel (hence putting it 6 per box!).
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