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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
I think he did 50.

EDIT: funny how the two or three guys who did the most cards have yet to be pulled in large numbers. Marck Labas did 200, Jason Chalker did 200+ and Jason Crosby did at least 125-150. Mark Finneral also did 125 or so.

Those guys also did some of the best cards in the set.
I thought the same thing. I did 150 (100 color and 50 b/w) and I only know of 7 cards of mine that's been pulled....and three of them are part of one puzzle. I've seen 15+ Chalkers and at least 10+ Labas.

I ordered two boxes that'll be here in the next day or so. Maybe I'll pull the puzzle I REALLY wanted to keep as a return!
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