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Originally Posted by Texans81 View Post
Decided that I would just make a thread and update it regularly with what I'm looking for. I will list the prices that I'm paying for each item and then at the bottom I'll list roughly how much I have available at the time to spend. I'm not looking to make huge purchases, just picking up some here and there as I have some money to spend.

Prices listed are pretty firm as they are based on being slightly lower than what I can get them for elsewhere so if I can't get them for a little bit less here then there's not much point, lol.

Prices listed are what I will pay dlvd per coin via regular paypal. If you are willing to send first I will pay the same amount as paypal gift upon receipt.

Prices are subject to change based on what I'm looking for. i.e. if it is something I don't really need, I'm not going to pay as much for it, lol.

PM works best!

2013 Chinese Silver Pandas - spot + $6.00
2013 Canadian Silver Maple Leafs - spot + $2.25
2013 American Silver Eagles - spot + $2.00 (low priority)
Generic 1 oz Silver Rounds - spot + $0.75 (prefer OPMs but others ok too)
2014 Australian Silver Kookaburra - spot + $4.00

amount currently available to spend: all spent for now
Think I would keep em at this price

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