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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
I do want to add that I am gratified that-- despite your disappointment with the sketches-- you were still able to really enjoy this set. I am happy to hear that it brought about a sense of fun and collectibility that's been missing for far too long in trading cards.
I just want to go back to a statement you made a couple months ago, that the people who buy this product 'expect' a sketch in every box. I think the fact that you have gotten very positive feedback about every aspect of the set, besides the sketches, should tell you that may have been a false assumption. I think people would have been happier with fewer sketches, with an overall higher quality of sketch. I understand that you need to make your two hits per box, but the non-sketch hits seem to be pretty popular and probably would have sufficed. I think everybody who broke a case would probably have traded their weakest two sketches for a medallion and a patch.

Looking forward to next years release, I'm hoping the sketch quality is improved by replacing the artists that submitted weak sketches with exciting new sketch card artists (like Hamer and Crosby did for this set). If that isn't possible, I'd rather you sacrifice the sketch ratios than get a dud box with a lousy sketch.
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