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Originally Posted by sketchopolix View Post
This is the part I worry about. When you see your peers doing poor work but continually getting rehired and paid the same as you, the temptation to lower your own standards has to be there - the broken windows theory of urban management applied to sketch cards.

I don't want less sketches replaced by other hits - that just makes those other hits less rare and therefore less valuable. Just keep working to increase the quality, as you've begun to do. I have faith. Start looking overseas for artists - Phillipines and Brazil have plenty of great talent that make strong efforts consistently. Mexico tossed in a few new names to the Marvel Retro set. Also, hire more women. It's been my experience they are less likely to draw dreck.

That's a debate I'd like to have - do you all agree that women try harder?
I'm not one of those who has a spiteful attitude. I for one could care less what anyone says about my work be it collectors or other artists. I do what I like and If I didn't like it I wouldn't toss it out there. look back a few posts at the cards I posted and ask me if I am shumming it. LOL . But I know the artist mentality. Not all mind ya but enough will be spiteful. As for more women, Always. I find the female artists always bring it. I believe though they are usually the first ones to find better gigs and move on as well.
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