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It's a production thing with Topps from what I've heard. I was asked to do the latest SW set so I can complain about short deadlines but I asked to do the GF2 and MA sets but from asking and getting accepted to actually getting the blanks was almost a month for each set.So in reality we had the time if we had the blanks in hand within that same week we were accepted. with GF2 I had already given up on getting on the set and accepted other work to fill in that time.Heck i even made a thread about possibly being on the GF2 set. Then the blanks show up with 3 weeks before deadline. Oye vey. I've been asked to do sets and have the cards within 3 days from other companies. They need a better fulfillment system. Upperdeck had a slow system for getting blanks out as well.

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