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I don't think there is an angry mob waiting for any of the artists who post here. I think some artists are overly sensitive though and overprotective of other artists. You will see that I bash gelavi here all the time for poor business tactics; it's not like he is in my "dealer's club" and I will defend him against criticism. Other than Durden and Sawyer, who completely and utterly mailed it in and should be roundly criticized by EVERYone, I am not here to bash the art - and most of what i read from the others were constructive, positive comments.

Why can't we take the emotion out of all this and just have an open dialogue? I have posted many times in the past and on other forums that the artists need to be paid more. I am on your guys' side! Topps should not have accepted any of Durden's or Sawyer's crap, but they have their side of things too, and I respect that. I think the only points others have made are that -- going forward -- maybe Topps doesn't allow Sawyer and Durden to come back. I mean, doesn't everyone want to see improvements with each new release? Doesn't that make everyone happy? (well, everyone except durden and sawyer, lol.)
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