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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
This probably deserves its own thread, but I'll throw in my 2 cents.

I think like many other environments the women who make it in the sketch card game are really, really good because they have to be to get a seat at the table.

If you cut down the male artists by 90%, you'd probably be really, really impressed with who was left as well.

I would love to see more female artists included just to have some different styles and point of views available. Given that there's no excuse based on who is coming from the comic world to draw these sketches since most of the artists are not from the industry, I don't see why there shouldn't be more women included.

On the other hand, I heard from another member that the original plan to only have female artists work on Cryptozoic's Women of Legend had to be scrapped due to not being able to get enough artists. If that's the case, then maybe there's a more fundamental issue that needs to be addressed either in how artists are being invited or how talent is being discovered.
+1 And I think this would make a truly interesting topic. Here's me trying to make the thread hijack brief. Even though I wrote a lot, I have so much I could say!

I don't think it's a work ethic thing, I think it's the journey and just how we feel about being here. Growing up, whether I was drawing unicorns and dragons (fighting), epic sword and sorcery battles or superheroes, it went like so -

"You draw really good! You should draw..."
1) for Disney.
2) children's books.
3) stickers like Lisa Frank.
4) greeting cards.
5) my friend's baby.
6) in your spare time because you won't get anywhere with art.
...I'm drawing superheroes and their immediate jump is that I dig Disney Princesses?

Even if we fell sideways into sketch cards, it was after working our way into some other niche where people didn't think we belonged. Not that they were all unwelcoming, but it just didn't even occur to them to send us an invite to those parties because, wait, girls like that too?
Also, I think that the creative world would benefit if guys had the same hurdles that forced them to better their work outside their comfort zones. The Chain Male subset of Dungeon Dolls made it painfully obvious to me that guys have no idea how to draw aesthetically pleasing men... something that women have to do (with female characters) as a matter of course. It's taken for granted, but imo the additional range is impressive.
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