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Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
The birth of first Artist and first critic by means of natural selection - YouTube

You can either choose to ignore the negative comments, or take them to better your work. If you just give up, then your heart's not really in it.

If you choose to slack off and just draw monkeys or whips because others are, then you should probably find another source of income because that ship will sail really fast.

I ended up doing 25 cards in just black paint because I couldn't meet the deadline any other way. It really bothers me that I had to concede a bit on these, but in no way did I half-ass them. I just couldn't spend hours on each. It was really tough for me to have to do that, but I didn't have any other options. Hopefully the additional effort I was able to put into my full color sketches is enough to show that I care.

And that's the one thing that I think Heritage had going against it - I honestly believe that not many of the artists were familiar enough with the source material, so you had most of Topps' usual stable of artists just copying the original card set or just drawing Martian heads, instead of making it their own. I think the new faces brought onto Invasion breathed a huge amount of fresh air into it. They may not all be in color, but damn, there is some really fantastic art in this set!
I can't speak for all collectors, but I for one have no problem pulling / paying for a really nice black and white sketch with no colour - especially given the time frames all you artists have to complete these and what pay you receive for these.

Originally Posted by PitViper View Post
I find it funny how the guys that are debating this pump out some of the best work regardless of external stresses/other lively responsibilities.
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