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Originally Posted by pskell02 View Post
All of the stuff at the end was just stuck there as there is really no way for me to guess where they should rank. I thought about doing combined BV for the set, but figured that would be a bad idea as you wouldn't be getting the whole set. So basically I just stuck them at the bottom

If anyone has suggestions on where we should put those on the list, I'm all ears. But I think everyone will look (or at least I hope they do) at the full list before making their selections. I don't expect the relics or any of the slots at the end to go late/at the end.
I hear ya...though I'd still probably take a chance on a Stanton or Heyward relic in 4 cases than I would with 50 bases rookies of some low level minor leaguer in the royals system

I'm fired up, this will be I said in a different thread, the anticipiation that is building for the eventual slots everyone gets in the randomization has to pay for at least part of that $45/slot. Gettin giddy!
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