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Originally Posted by crazy8parlay View Post
Not to blow this thread beyond proportion, but what do you think the first pick would be worth? I'm thinking that first slot is worth at least $1000. And do you pick "Strasburg auto" or "Strasburg Chrome"? Odds are you might see one Auto in all 4 cases. But the amount of "StrasChrome" with /refractors and color would be insane! So which would you take of the 2? Chance of getting nothing or a whole bunch of something?
I ran the numbers before my first 4 cases arrived, and I 'think' the odds of a Strasburg AU were about 1:3 or 1:4 cases, meaning that there's a decent chance the slot could get shut out entirely.

Someone was commenting about the USA jerseys as one slot... unless you hit a Heyward or a Stanton, the slot is a dud. I like Pat's idea of combining it into one slot.
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