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Originally Posted by sketchopolix View Post
I don't want less sketches replaced by other hits - that just makes those other hits less rare and therefore less valuable.
This is an interesting perspective, considering the debate that followed your erasing a pencil sketch and selling the card that way because it increased its value.

This is coming from one of the few that don't have a problem with your actions.

Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
Then the sets come out, and the voices we hear above most is BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH because you're not making bank on your gamble.
Originally Posted by jadams View Post
2013, most everyone want's a Nar!, Hall, TED, etc. that they can flip quick. The guys griping about the quality for the most part aren't even collectors.
It seems like my comments on this thread are treating like bitching when in fact they are guidance for what Topps would have to deliver in order to get me to spend a substantial amount of my fun money on their product. Its fine that Topps isn't interested in my money. I have a lot of options.

No offense to savvy dealers, but I'm not making a profit on anything! Fact of the matter is that my fun money is precious and needs to be spent wisely. For $120 I could buy 2 boxes of MA:I or 6 PSCs or 4 5finity/Perna/Asylum/Viceroy/etc packs or 1-2 APs... I want to get my money's worth when I spend it. Sometimes that means buying sealed boxes. Other times it means supporting the dealers. I wish it was always buying sealed boxes, since that is way more fun than buying singles. Oh well...
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