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Were some the cards in the artist autograph subset shortprinted as well? As of yesterday, I noticed a Joe Jusko #15 hadn't been listed for example. It would be cool to see a list of all short prints.

My 3 box break was fine, but I think in the future I am just going to keep my money and pick up sketches that I truly like. I got burnt with 1/2 of a puzzle which was a bummer. If Topps ever announced a set with NO puzzles, I think a lot of fans will rejoice! Puzzles seem to be a time saver for many artists (which makes sense since they get paid so little), but when you only insert one image into a pack, it no longer becomes a hit. It is more like a half-hit. And someone else picks up the second half hit... so you have 2 unhappy collectors... makes no sense at all to me from a business stand point! I would have preferred to have hit a lousy sketch if it was a complete image (I hit one of those too with another of my boxes) to a half hit that will just be chucked in the garbage.

Basically, next time either have NO puzzles (I repeat, this would be awesome!) or control the amount of artists that are allowed to submit puzzles. That way you aren't forced to break up images and forcing an incomplete work on multiple collectors.
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