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Originally Posted by tnarg View Post
Doesn't matter how crappy the pics are. I can still see she's beautiful. Congrats Eric.
Thank you for the kind words Grant.
Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
I need the BODA to get on this case NOW. I think MITM is trying to scam us.
Look at the pictures in the OP. 2 the baby has a hat and 1 there is no hat.
It's funny you should say that. I also pulled the sp hat variation:

Originally Posted by omahacolts View Post
Damn eric she's a cutie. Congrats again my friend
Thank you Martin.
Originally Posted by ToppsCollector1 View Post
About time we get a picture! But I say we give him a negative for late delivery on the pictures

She's awesome though, congratulations
I know, I'm so mean. Thank you for the kind words.
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