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Originally Posted by Axe View Post
yeah, the more i think on this the more i wouldnt be surprised if stras auto slot doesnt even go first, just due to the fact we know 2 of his MAJOR hits are already pulled. then not to mention i wouldnt be surprised if some people take the much more sure thing with the bulk slots, instead of gambling on an auto slot.
This really becomes true after you get past the 4 or 5 top autos. Look at how many total players have autos are in this product. Sure we are busting 4 cases but alot of these autos you will be lucky to see 1, maybe 2 total.

It is easy to say no speadsheet neded, just take a gamble when you are talking abot only having a slot or 2 worth of money in the break and you get lucky with a high pick. But when you have $300+ in the mix you have to have some sort of strategy.

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