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Default Comc Buyers-Are you just buying less now?

First let me say I am a buyer/collector. I started flipping on the site a little just for fun and I sent in a bunch of cards during the promotion to use to swap for pc cards.

Since there have been a number of seller threads complaining about sales I was just wondering what buyers are doing. Are you still buying the same amount? finding good deals? Buying less because of the new fees or lack of bv?

I have been buying less partly because I think about the fees and have to decide do i really want to pay to ship a low end card or it is worth flipping it. Also I feel like the deals aren't as good as before and maybe I just realize I have so much I only want to buy it if it's a amazing deal. Still love the site and hope this is not what everyone is thinking but curious to know what buyers think and whether they think the site needs to worry about it
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