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Originally Posted by RS1313 View Post
I've picked up around 250 jordans since I started buying a month ago. Problem is mostly is that 95% of everyone's prices are just way too much. Mostly at absurd levels. And most sellers just don't budge or offer 10% off their initial price. I have a pretty small port with low end stuff so the demand might not be there but I've still sold over 150+ cards in the last month, granted everything I have listed is the lowest price.

I'm in the same boat. I've sold a little over 150 cards over the last month mainly because I try and constantly make sure everything I have is the lowest on the site and usually lowest by a decent amount not just a couple pennies. Am I making the most off of every card I could make, probably not but I'm sure I've sold quite a few cards I wouldn't have if they weren't so cheap.
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