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Default eBay Vintage Card Sales: Branding

I have noticed a few sellers on eBay essentially "branding" their cards by making sure to include their names in the auction titles. Not referring to the PWCC or Probstein auctions either. I see that Mike Denero and Deans Cards do this. I also noticed that their cards are typically listed for much higher prices than they should go for. Does anyone get some idea in their head that "sh*t, my man Dean owned this, gotta have it"?

The prices that Deans Cards are listed at are way too high, typically well into what the next grade or two will get you (I see a lot of graded auctions from them). Do you think this works for them as far as a selling strategy? I can't see anyone with knowledge of vintage cards making a purchase, but to someone just getting into the hobby? I just don't get it.
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