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Originally Posted by marines4me View Post
I am a pretty big buyer and seller on comc. I think it all has to do with
Season. Sales are up for me this week because basketball startrd.

I blame the rookie football class. I completely stopped buying 2013 football
Inventory and i think so has the public.

But comc is getting pricey fire me as well
Cost me 300 for a yearly beckett subscription. I also pay
150 to 200 a month in storage fees and then around 500 to 750
In processing fees

Chine on and cut us a break on fees.
I have been saying this for some time. Moe is good about responding to topics but he always ignores this one. It is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. There need to be some type of breaks for big sellers. If Ebay can do it than there is zero reason that COMC can't.
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