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Met Orlando Cabrera today in Portland, ME at his signing. Got ss on ROMLB in blue and very nice silver on a 4x6 from the 2004 World Series. Also got my picture with him too

So many 2004 Red Sox remain on my bucket list, but at least in the past few weeks I've been able to chip away at 2 more.

Here's what I do have and from what year I obtained it:

Youkilis - 2007
Timlin - 2009
Kapler - 2009
Embree - 2009
Bellhorn - 2011
Arroyo - 2012
Lowe - 2013
Mueller - 2013
Cabrera - 2013

Would love to add Damon, Nixon, Wake, and any other ttm/ip in the future!

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