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Originally Posted by tristan20 View Post
Panini is all over the place with their patches.

/25 cards having way better patches than /10 and /5 cards. Simply shows they don't give a crap. For the highest end product to ever be made, you would think they had some quality control. I mean its not even that many cards.

2012 13 Panini Flawless Red Ruby Game Worn Patch Card MVP Lebron James 13 15 | eBay

12 13 Panini Flawless MVP Lebron James Jumbo Patch 5 5 Miami Heat Letterman RARE | eBay

$1200+ For a Lebron Patch #/15

Dear god, people are freakin' nuts!

But then again, who knows with all the foul play on what seems like every single high end auction these days!

"o***b( 30) Cancelled: US $1,255.00
Bid: Oct-31-13 17:37:08 PDT
Cancelled: Nov-01-13 05:16:09 PDT"

And current bid is at $1,255.00 .... rightttt...
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