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Originally Posted by mrwalken View Post
I really don't know whether COMC needs to cater more to buyers or sellers at this point. I know for sure that buyers are taking a lot fewer cards off the site compared to say, a year ago. I don't have a good sense for whether sellers are also sending in less cards. My guess is no, but I could be wrong. I don't have a good way to track that like I do with sales.

Edit: One other thought. I've noticed that the price of most cards on the site has trended down since I started selling over 3 years ago. In other words, if I look at cards I sold 3 years ago, they are most often available for less now. So, that leads me to believe that on the whole, supply is greater than demand for most cards, and the gap on COMC is probably widening. So I would say they need to cater to buyers more, in my opinion.
Let me put it this way.

As a buyer.

I am able to buy cards at or below Ebay in most cases. Even after you factor in .25 shipping per card I am usually way ahead of where I would be on Ebay. Especially since I wait until I have 50-100 cards purchased and then there is only the $3.00 additional shipping cost. It is far far cheaper than if I were to have bought and shipped these same 50-100 cards individually purchased on Ebay. The only problem I see for COMC on the buying end is not enough advertising. Outside of a few hardcore fans most collectors don't know they exist.

As a seller.

I have paid $9k to get my 27,000 cards listed on the site. I am the lowest or in the lowest three on most if not all of them. Then I get hit with a $30-40 storage fee every month. When I sell and cash out there will be ANOTHER 20% hit at cashout. At the very least, storage fees need to go away for large volume dealers. Ebay even offers the best sellers 20% off fees and they hate sellers. It is just too much regardless of how much of the work they do. A lot of that benefit is offset by the fact that an item may take a really long time to sell regardless of how low it is priced where Ebay items sell in 7-10 days in most all cases.

COMC needs to advertise more to attract buyers and offer incentives to the big sellers. If they don't I see it eventually collapsing. I'm already at the point of thinking Ebay is the better option again and I despise Ebay as a seller. How hard would it be to partner with Topps to get advertising on the blanks that go into the packs?
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