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Originally Posted by rudyjustinfarrell View Post
Not to burst your bubble (feel free to prove me wrong w/ an Ebay link), but Trilogy Calvin Johnson card sales were not even close to reaching their supposed book value of $250. The jersey swatches on those cards were so small it was hard to get anything other than a 1 color patch. I think you made out on the deal w/ a nice Marino ON DISC autograph. If guru doesn't take it I would be interested in it. Personally I think you made out on the deal. My 2 cents...
I agree with you to an extent. The few cards that made it out to people sold for about 125 as well as some of the redemptions. But think UD still should have honored the BV of 250 in replacement. Don't get me wrong Marino is HOF'r and I am glad I didn't get stuck with a bunch of crummy autos.
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