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Originally Posted by jmscoggin View Post
I don't think so. This time last year you had nothing but slobbering fanboys, myself included. You can't say that now. COMC better look in the mirror before it gets any worse.
Well, actually, COMC has had other significant issues in the past that people complained a great deal about. And it's worth noting that some have been completely resolved, such as:

Erroneous listings -- Cards used to be listed wrong all the time, and would seem to persist that way for months on end despite many notifications to COMC. Now, errors are fixed almost instantly upon notice, and I rarely see mis-listed cards at all on the site.

Slowness -- For long stretches of time, the site would become unusably slow, sometimes for days on end. I can't remember the last time I had this problem on the site.

So, there are some issues now that seem to be hurting site traffic quite a bit, including high fees on both the buyer and seller ends, loss of beckett prices + awkward/user-unfriendly sales history interface, etc. But I am hopeful that COMC will continue to find ways to address problems to make the site successful.

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