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Time to dust off my COMC Cheerleader Skirt. I believe that a lot of the problems of the hobby are being blamed on COMC. If you are complaining that you can't sell your 2013 Gypsy Queen singles for more than 5-10% of book it is due to the fact that this is the most unwanted product in ages. That is not COMC's fault. Even prospector products like Bowman Draft have large quantities for sale at low prices. Does the blame that too much of this product getting ripped and flipped lie on COMC or the new state of the hobby?

I travel quite a bit with my job and would never be able to have an Ebay business so COMC is a dream come true when it comes to them doing all of the work. I have been selling on COMC for over five years and there have been many changes as they attempt to grow their business. I have not liked all of these changes, but I have made the decision to stay because it is the best overall selling option for me.

To be a broken record, I need to state that COMC is not the best selling option for all cards. If you have a not new card it should be sold on Ebay to maximize price and your proceeds. If the card will sell for 75 cents or less Sportlots is a better way to go where you do not have to pay listing fees. I do not send any cards to COMC that I believe cannot sell for $1.00. If you are sending in 1982 Fleer commons thinking you will get 75 cents each because they are the only ones on the site, then you should not be blaming society that this is a terrible idea.
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