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Originally Posted by smit5004 View Post
finally went through, I noticed though 7 of my cards didn't and are getting sent back to me, do they give a reason for why they didn't process them or can some people here possibly help me with some reason's why an item would be returned?
Hi! I'm so sorry I missed this question earlier.

There is a number of reasons why a card could be returned; it could be an unlicensed card (printed without authority of a league and/or players union), it could have an unverified autograph, or it could be damaged in someway (creases, scuffs, bad corners).

In the past, we've just returned cards to owners with no notations, but we're modifying our processes to include reasons why cards are returned, when they're returned.

I hope this helps, and feel free to hit me with any follow up questions. Again, I'm sorry it took so long to reply. Thanks!
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