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Okay guys and gals...I am in Tennessee for the next few days and I am staying about a minute away from the Tennessee Smokies baseball stadium. I won't have access to my mail until we return home late Saturday night...but we have tickets to 3 Smokies games and 1 Kinston Indian game on the trip back home Saturday. Game 1 was last was an hour rain delay...and the game was Huntsville Stars vs. Tennessee Smokies...the wife and I were able to get the following autographs:


Caleb Gindl 5/5
Brett Lawrie 4/4
Zealous Wheeler 1/1
Eddie Morlan 3/3


Josh Vitters 9/9 (8 cards and he signed the team helmet)
Steve Clevenger 4/4 (3 cards, helmet)
Chris Carpenter 2/2 (cards) *he was working the radar gun in street clothes, I caught him between innings with a couple cards...will try to get him on helmet next couple games.

Tony Campana 1/1 helmet
Ty Wright 1/1 helmet
Nate Samson 1/1 helmet
Alex Maestri 1/1 helmet (one of the friendliest player ever, he always remembers us from when they travel to Carolina!)
Matthew Spencer 1/1 helmet
Tony Thomas 1/1 helmet
Jake Muyco 1/1 helmet
Hung-Wen Chen 1/1 helmet (he pitched last night)
Blake Lalli 1/1 helmet

Tonight Dustin Ackley and the Diamond Jaxx come to town!
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