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The wife and I went to the Diamond Jaxx vs. Smokies game tonight...we decided to focus on the Diamond Jaxx, so no Tennessee autos tonight...but it was a VERY good night:

The wife got about everyone (27) players to sign a Mariners helmet (including Ackley, Liddi, and Josh addition we got the following:

Dustin Ackley 10/10 including a sweet spot ROMLB with his number inscribed, team helmet and 8 cards. The ball and 6 cards we got before the game, 2 cards after the game on the way to the bus. He was pretty cool overall.

Alex Liddi signed 5/5 (4 cards, helmet)...very cool guy...super nice...

Josh Fields- signed 3/3 (2 cards, helmet) for us after the game on the way to the bus. Not friendly at all...blew everyone off before the game while he stood and talked to other players. He does not like to sign. He personalizes everything he signs (except team items like the helmet)

Michael Pineda 4/4 (3 cards, team helmet) Nice guy!

Carlos Peguero 2/2 (1 card, team helmet)

Johan Limonta 4/4 (3 cards, team helmet)

Mauricio Robles 3/3 (2 cards, team helmet)

Aaron Jensen 3/3 (2 cards, team helmet)

Daniel Cortes 5/5 (4 cards, team helmet)-Nice guy even though I probably offended him by asking him to sign the wrong card!

Anthony Varvaro 4/4 (3 cards, team helmet)

Luis Munoz 4/4 (3 cards, helmet)

Jeffrey Dominguez 3/3 (2 cards, helmet)

Edward Paredes 4/4 (3 cards, helmet)

Carlos Triunfel 6/6 (5 cards, helmet)

Great night overall...the only guy I missed that I had cards for was Robert Rohrbaugh...he signed the helmet, but I did not recognize him in time after the game before he got on the team bus. Tomorrow night...Diamond Jaxx vs. Smokies night 2!! We will focus on the Smokies tomorrow...Their team set came out tonight, so we have plenty of cards to get signed. I also want to get Vitters on a ROMLB. Besides...I only have a couple more cards of Ackley unsigned!!
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