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Alrighty...night 3 of West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx vs. Tennessee Smokies is complete...

The only player I sought out from the Diamond Jaxx was Ackley before the game...I caught him after they wrapped up practice in the dugout and he signed 2/2 of the last cards I had of him...

The rest of the pregame and postgame outside the stadium focused on the Smokies, who also had their team sets go on sale yesterday which we picked up and I was able to complete everyone signing tonight (everyone who is still on the team). The wife worked on her team signed helmet which is now also complete with 27 signatures (24 roster players and 3 coaches).

Here is the specifics from tonights Smokies signings...

Hung-Wen Chen 1/1 card...tried to blow us off post game, but I was able to nab him!!

Chris Carpenter 4/4 (3 cards, team helmet)...Wife bought his game used pink ribbon jersey from last season in gift shop yesterday...he thought that was cool

Josh Vitters 3/3 (2 cards, 1 ROMLB sweet spotted)- Did not sign pregame...was very nice and willing signer post game in parking lot

Craig Muschka (2/2 1 card, team helmet)

Jake Muyco (1/1 card)

Robinson Chirinos (2/2 1 card, team helmet)

Tony Campana (1/1 card)

Blake Lalli (1/1 card)

Ty Wright (1/1 card)

Nate Samson (1/1 card)

Tony Thomas (1/1 card)

Brandon Guyer 3/3 (2 cards, helmet)

Austin Bibens-Dirkx 3/3 (2 cards, helmet) **Nice guy, signed before game despite being starting pitcher!**

Matt Spencer 1/1 (card)

Ryan Buchter 2/2 (1 card, team helmet)

Steve Clevenger 1/1 (card)

Dustin Sasser 2/2 (card, team helmet)

Russ Canzler 1/1 (card)

David Cales 2/2 (1 card, helmet) Nice guy, signed a ton for everyone

Alex Maestri 1/1 (card)...always recognizes us right away, super nice guy...wife's favorite player on Smokies...took picture with him after the game

Jeremy Papelbon 2/2 (card, helmet)...always chats with us and recognizes us from previous encounters. Funny, nice guy...signs lots for fans

Bill Dancy 2/2 (card, helmet) manager of Smokies

Tom Beyers 2/2 (card, helmet) hitting coach of Smokies

Dennis Lewallyn 2/2 (card helmet) pitching coach of Smokies...Nice, funny guy...always friendly and signs even though he doesn't understand why we want his autograph!!

Alberto Cabrera 1/1 (team helmet)

Luke Sommer 1/1 (team helmet)

Marwin Gonzalez 1/1 (team helmet)

Good Game...both in terms of autographs and the Smokies won to take a game and a half lead over West Tennessee for the playoff picture. Overall, the Smokies are a great signing team, as was West Tennessee!! Tomorrow we stop by Kinston for one last game on this road trip!
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