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Im fine with a keeper league if we can make sure all 10 people are planning on staying for a while. The ppr thing I do like but I only do a half point per reception so its kind of good for people who like it and people who dont. I think we are at 6 people now so 4 more and We can discuss the stakes and im thinking maybe we set a value of a card and people pick 3-4 cards of their own and then the rest of the league votes on which cards they would want. I will then get those cards from the Players and after the season, we will have the winners pick which cards they want from the 10 cards. Its just an idea so if anybody has any other ideas, please feel free to throw them out there. I like this idea because It sounds different and fun. We would do a draft type deal for the Winners at the end to pick which cards they wanted. The winner would pick 1 card and then 2nd a card, 3rd a card and then 1st would pick another and so on. Juts an idea so please throw some opinions out there guys but I like this but I dont card either way. A blowout gift certificate would be good too and maybe we could have them add a little to the pot too but I dont expect them too, We could make it a public view league and name it through them so they get a little advertising, Thanks guys and lets get 4 more people
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