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Originally Posted by rukastar View Post
I'm sorry to hear about that, where do you get your cards? When I started buying mine online, I used COMC on Amazon but goddamn I was getting wrecked by the insane prices. It was like, $30 each order for maybe 20 cards at max. They charge you multiple times for shipping per each 5 cards or something dumb. So I tried a few alternatives, and found my greatest experience to be with Triple Play Sports Sioux Falls in North Dakota on Amazon - people always recommend Burbank but the order I had from them wasn't very good. Most orders I buy through them never come out to more than $10, and this is for like 20-30 cards each time. I got the Mueller, heritage Cron, and Mussina (old playstation contest card ftw!) all through them recently. In fact, probably close to 20/27 things I sent to the Arizona Fall League in late September were ordered from them.

I strongly recommend Triple Play Sports - Sioux Falls! 2005 Topps #147 Mike Mussina: Sports Collectibles
Just saw this post, and I would like to say thank you for using Triple Play Sports in Sioux Falls, SD. My dad lives in Sioux Falls and I always stop in there for a visit when I'm seeing my dad. I really like the guy who runs the place. I encourage you to keep using them, gotta help the little guys out
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