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OK, for al who are interested please send me a PM with ur email address and how you what you would like to pay for, I can get the funds and order 3 gift cards for blowout or I like the order a case idea and then give up boxes from the case to 3-4 people , if its a 12 box case id do, 6 to 1st, 3 to 2nd, 2 to 3rd and 1 to 4th or go 6,4,2 to 3 spots but email me with how you would like to do it and what kind of case you would want or if u would wanna do just cash or gift cards for blowout, title the PMs with Fantasy football so I dont delete it and I can get emails to first 10 people who sign up, its only 2 months from draft time so I need to get started, I will use typical rules with a half point per reception unless enough people want no ppr, let me know in the PM but lets get this done
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