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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
I havent seen many where he writes his number! I sent him another package. Hoping to get an 8x10 signed. If he signs that one, thats the last I will bother him... I dont want to abuse the privilege. Pretty awesome cards you got him to sign though... those look awesome!
I can't believe an athlete of his caliber actually signs TTM. He returned mine FAST too. I was hoping to get this last one back so I could compare autographs. I was having trouble believing his signatures weren't autopens or something, but after seeing all the different ones lately, I think they're legit.

Seeing him put his number on the card isn't a rare thing, but I don't think it's common either. I think he did it early on in his career, but got away from it later on. I wonder what dictates which signature he uses?

Like others on here, I sent a check for his foundation. He sent that check back. He did insert information about Peyton Manning Children's hospital. I'll probably send them a small donation. It's the least I can do for what Manning has done. He was already my favorite player, but he took it to the next level.
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