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Default 2010 Allen&Ginter Group Case Break

Case 1 Teams

mikeumd: Angels

Footsteps: Yankees, Royals, Nationals

Crazy8parlay: Phillies

Newengland4me: Mets, Padres

Mrmil0: Braves, Reds, White Sox

Lexus2903: Athletics, Rays

Oldgoldy47: Marlins

TDiddy532: Cubs, Dodgers

Justinj31: Diamondbacks, Rangers

Mwolfson22: Non-Sports, Blue Jays

Endthecurse: Rockies,

Uwmoring: Mariners

Natbornkiller: Cardinals,

Primecardz: Giants, Indians

Straw44: Orioles, Pirates

Reddeer: Brewers

Zpk35: Red Sox

Canuhandle23: Astros, Twins

msumarr54: Tigers

Case 1 Hits:

Case 2

Reddeer: Braves, Pirates

Lionsrule54: Indians

Scottsman13: Red Sox, Cardinals

FINS4LIFE: Rockies, Dbacks, Dodgers

Canuhandle23: Non-Sports, Nationals

Crazy8parlay: Angels

Msumarr54: Giants, Athletics

Hmmdecloth: Yankees, Padres, Brewers

Mrmil0: Marlins

Messingaroundok: Rays,

Rambel: Astros

Dacubs: Orioles

Meyer9977: Blue Jays,

Brechty: Cubs, White sox

Nodie27: Tigers

Lilkeithw: Phillies,

Endthecurse: Mets

Upsbroker06: Rangers, Reds, Mariners

Cardcache: Twins, Royals

Case 2 Scans:

collect jim thome and phillies!
have over 200 feedback on the bench and 150 on ebay!

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