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Originally Posted by gman71 View Post
Same concept though as UD charging $600+ for a box of Exquisite and you're best card is a redemption that never gets made though,then crossing your fingers that what replacement they send you has 1/10th the value of what you're praying for,no?

Take MJ out of the mix, how many boxes of high end UD products have yielded crap upon crap. Lebron autos have become watered down,Kobe has become watered down.
After those 3,UD gives you next to nothing. I'll take my chances in pulling a Mike Tyson auto or a LaMotta over a Danny Granger one color patch/auto
Basketball has been a larger sport than boxing since, well, forever. If CCC made a boxing product every year, you don't think autographs of Ali would begin to be watered down? Plus UD does very well in replacing redemptions, most of the time you get more value than the card promised (Although you'll argue the point that it was a redemption in the first place).
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