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Who cares if you think they put out only 1 product or if you think the put out all the products from the brands Price owns... it's still something else they do right. So they have more time to acquire them and don't use current players which makes getting all the signatures on-card less difficult. You bet they do, and perhaps the other brands should take note.

Bottom line here is that Sport Kings does a lot of things right. Anyone that says otherwise just has an agenda against Price or the company in general. I personally don't buy them because my customers don't want them. They say they are unlicensed. They say they are Ugly. They say the average box doesn't have enough secondary market value to justify the risk (a point I would say is true of the other companies products too, just as much if not more so).

All of those points are either facts or a mater of opinion and so I can't dispute them. So since there is so little demand for the product from my customers, I don't buy them. But as the company continues to grow and gain more respect and popularity, I would imagine that general sentiment will change. I think making the product affordable to a larger base, as the seem to be doing with this new release, will go a long way to changing those sentiments. It still seems like they are still a very niche product where the same buyers will just be opening a larger quantity now, but I'm sure the collector base will spread with each new release. But the fact is, even with the limited collector base, the singles (especially the rare ones) do just fine in terms of resale value.

The company is run the right way and has gone out of their way to address the things that are peoples biggest pet peeves in this hobby. So whether you like them or not, they should be respected for what they have achieved. I think general acceptance in the hobby isn't far away for this brand.
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