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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
I don't know about eloquent Matt, but I'll take the compliment just the same

Something else I thought of since I wrote this, that I think could go a long way in the overall acceptance of SK is beckett and their treatment of the brand. A lot of collectors still rely on beckett and when they can't easily find SK products in their beckett's I think it sometimes persuades them not to buy. And even the more savvy collectors, who know beckett prices them in the online price guide, know beckett prices them fairly low compared to similar cards from other products. This leads to sellers having to ask a higher % of book, if not full book, and that scares some customers off as well... especially if they already have reservations about the product.

I think one step that might do just as much good as anything that SK could directly do, is to get beckett to become more accepting of the products as being main-stream. Why not list them in the regular print becketts? Why list the book values so low compared to other products? If a NT auto and a SK auto of the same player each sell for $50 on average on ebay, why does the NT book for $100 while the SK books for $60? Seems like that happens a lot, although I'm not the most experienced in tracking SK sales as I've already explained.

Seems to me like if SK got more respect from beckett, that combined with reaching a wider collector base would get the company into the main stream in a hurry.
I would be all for higher BVs in Beckett for SK cards. That would definitely help out my COMC account.

I have never noticed, or paid attention really, to what values Beckett places on other like cards in different products. I'll have to ask them about it when I get a chance. Perhaps at the National. I'm sure they'll tell me that NT is more accepted than SK and therefore the same autographs are worth more in NT, but perhaps they could change that "perception" as you're pointing out.

It's an interesting concept, that's for sure.
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