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I would be interested to know how posters on this thread would go about getting licensed for Sportkings. We have athletes for more than twenty sports. Including baseball, hockey, football, basketball, tennis, golf, horse racing, mixed martial arts, track and field, swimming and more. Which licenses should I try and acquire?

Just wondering?

Also wondering why collectors who don't like the product, just don't buy it. Why do they feel they must slam it?

Let them go out try negotiating with the world's greatest athletes. Pele, Namath, Lemieux, Ryan, Russell, Roy, Marino, Rice, Spitz, Rose, Ali, Montana, Messier, Tyson.

Oh, I forgot, they don't do that, they just slam our products and slam any one who posts on these board that they enjoy, respect and collect them.

I will continue to stay true to the Sport Kings Gum concept of 1933 and will continue to acquire signatures and memorabilia of the world's greatest athletes.

I will continue to do hard signed autograph cards and no redemptions.

I will hope that one day all collectors will respect Sportkings as I believe they should.

Brian Price
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