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You will have neh sayers no matter what you do its human nature. Mr. Price, as a collector I like the product Im getting rather than buying something to resell. That being said your product does offer a lot to collectors. I think alot of the problem is that people who are strictly rip and flip people cant benifit "AS MUCH" as other products on the market. But like I said previously, at 100 bucks it mirrors the ultimate stuff. Lets be honest and look at what Ultimate or Black have yeilded as 100$ for 1 pack boxes. I pulled a Bob Feller legendary signatures card out of 135$ pack of Ultimate Baseball and it sells on ebay for 20$ maybe. I pulled a Donald Brown rookie signature that maybe goes for 25-30$ out of the Ultimate Football. So...........................for 100$ I personally think this is a reasonable price. You should put a strasburg in there though to really make it take flight.
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