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Default I am in the longest TTM drought in quite some time. However, the wife and I did attend a baseball game tonight...Lynchburg (Reds) vs. Kinston (Indians).

The wife got everyone on Lynchburg to sign a Reds helmet except 2 players:

Jeff Jeffords (jackass) and Jordan Hotchkiss (starting pitcher). She got all other players on Lynchburg.

I got the following players on Lynchburg on cards:

Josh Fellhauer 2/2 signed in blue sharpie
Neftali Soto 4/4 (2 signed in blue sharpie, 2 in black sharpie)

Kinston Indians:

T.J. McFarland signed 1/1 in blue sharpie
Abner Abreu signed 2/2 in blue sharpie....he is always awesome
Aaron Holbert signed 1/1 in blue sharpie (manager)

I was disappointed today...I went primarily to get Boxberger for Lynchburg, but he just got called up to AA. I am going to try to get him to sign next time I make it to the Carolina Mudcats game next month (Reds AA). I will post pics later.
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