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Originally Posted by crazy8parlay View Post
Just a suggestion, but if you don't get payment from the remaining guys in case 1 soon, you might want to move them down to case 2 and slide the first requests of case 2 up to get case 1 paid for.
crazy8parlay I can understand what you are saying but this is not done in
Case Break . and see post #116 and 117, first case is locked in with deposit.

I would be upset if I was moved down to case #2 due to the fact I didn't pay fast ,,,,,,everyone has been sent a email by bigpapi3434 to pay ASAP.
Please leave things as they are,people requested for case #1 and it should stay that way making changes in mid stream is NOT the way to go

bigpapi3434 can make a dead line for payments of case 1 or 2 then if someone does not paid then sell that spot or move the first person up from case 2.. etc etc
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