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Have these guys on my squad up for grabs...

Tom Brady (3rd) ***
Ryan Tannehill (10th) ****

Steven Jackson (2nd) *
Brandon Bolden (10th) *
Kendall Hunter (10th) *
Darren McFadden (4th) **

Brandon LaFell (10th) **
Julian Edelman (10th) ****
Vincent Brown (6th) **
Santana Moss (15th) ***
DeAndre Hopkins (6th) **
Randall Cobb (3rd) **

Julio Jones (2nd) ***
DeSean Jackson (5th) *****
Drew Brees (2nd) ***

OH... and just to clarify, just because you picked up a player off of the waiver wire, doesn't mean you automatically get him for a 10th. IF he was drafted and released, you are penalized for where he was drafted. (i.e. Trent Richardson is not kept as a 10th, he's kept as a 1st since the Round he was selected last season).

P.S.S. # of stars is how I would assess their value as keepers. 1-5 stars.

Respect goes both ways...

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