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Just finished the Newsletter

Really great and fun to read

thanks again it was worth all the time u put into it... very funny and some great analysis

Got me when u had me should of starting the patriots D/st hahahahaha

Some other really funny parts...

Liked the commisioner speech!!!! All very accurate

with all my mistakes and changes and mishaps its not hard to believe... lol

Hahaha that lesean trade was key

i also trade for ant brown early in the year

and not to rub it in but more of a praise,,, u really drafted a great team but just got unlucky

AJ Green

But luck really got you...

and ya for me i wasnt thinking abt RG3 so dropped him, thinking abt it tho i prob should have held on to him...

Not gonna b on here a lot for the next days so might not update trade log and respond very often

Happy Hollidays all!

Iman Shumpert PC --> METS Prospects --> ZWheeler, KPlawecki, DHerrera,
Football --> Ladarius Green, Christine Michael, Lamar Miller, Montee Ball, Levine Toililo, Isaiah Crowell

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