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Originally Posted by duwal View Post
I wouldn't want either of the chrome at all, I like using the base cards from the products to send TTM and get autographed & the chrome ones just look like crap
I think mentioned above about inserting chrome parallels into the base topps is a great idea and a nice addition value wise

Originally Posted by Eagles33 View Post
I would like to see some auto buy backs. Mostly 82 and 83 all stars but a 1981 Popu Hulk Hogan Auto but back would prob be the greatest wrestling card of all time
cut autos would be kinda cool to

Originally Posted by natbornkiller View Post
Given topps track history with wwe products
i would say none of the above
cant wait for a musuem product with a kahli auto
platinum did great so maybe there is some hope but you are probably right

I dont ship outside the USA
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