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Originally Posted by usaf010 View Post
Wow, First time I have stepped into this section. Job well done sir. This makes me want to start collecting 8x10s. I move to much to do TTMs but man the names on those lists are unreal. Congrats to you. Amazing collection. DO you have them framed at all? What do you do after you get them back?
Thanks for the nice words. Well the grand plan is to have all of the contents for a big mancave someday. Would really like to have a bar, pool table, and theatre area with around 8 movie theatre seats and a projection screen. Again that's the dream plan. Need my girlfriend to finish nursing school first. But to answer your question right now they are stored in top loaders and stashed in bins. If you came to our house right now you wouldn't see a single sports piece anywhere. No relics from my playing/coaching days, no autographed stuff, nothing. It's a shame, but I don't have a room dedicated to it yet.

Is the truck in your avatar yours? My buddy has a blue one almost identical to that. He used to run over shopping carts back in high school like they were road cones.
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